Fishing and Guiding Services

Wading Brooks and Rivers - Fly Fishing or Spinning

Carroll will take you to brooks and rivers in Lunenburg County that yield trout and bass. The location will be determined by water levels and water temperatures. Spend four or eight hours hopping from rock to rock or in waist deep water chasing the species of your choice. Shore lunch is an option.

Fishing from a Boat - Fly Fishing or Spinning

Spend four or eight hours fishing from a boat. Options include trolling or cruising hot spots. The question to ask yourself is: “Do you want to look for a lot of fish, or look for big fish?” Trout fishing is limited to the spring. The remainder of the year it will be bass fishing. Shore lunch is an option.

Fishing School - A great option for parent and child

Each year Carroll will offer fishing schools the last two weeks of June. The schools will be run out of a cottage on Mushamush Lake in Lunenburg County. One and two day options are available, with the two-day option having an overnight stay. All equipment, meals and boat will be provided.

The schools are designed to increase your personal fishing knowledge and skills. Clients can range from someone who has never fished before to someone who has knowledge about fishing and wants to learn more.

After finishing the school, each person will have a working knowledge of the knots, lines, hooks, rods, reels and sinkers needed to catch fish. Each person will also know where the fish of your choice can be found in brooks, rivers and lakes. There will also be lots of practice time.

A fly fishing option is also available.

Women Only

This opportunity is for the lady who always wanted to go fishing or learn how to fish but does not have a person in her life who has the skills or patience to teach her to fish. Carroll will design an outing based on skills and interests. All equipment will be supplied. A shore lunch is an option.

Fishing Excursions

Carroll has the knowledge and ability to assist you in creating a fishing excursion:

  • Salmon fishing on the Margaree River in Cape Breton or River Phillip in Oxford, Nova Scotia
  • Trout fishing on the River Phillip, bass fishing around the province or chasing chain pickerel in specific lakes
  • Carroll will book hotels, make meal arrangements and guide you.
  • All you have to do is show up!

Out of province excursions can also be arranged.

Learning Where to Fish

If you are new to the Lunenburg County are and want to start fishing but don’t know where to go, Carroll can help. He will sit down with you and a map of the county and point out where you can fish based on what species you want to pursue.

A tour of a river identifying pools or a tour of the county identifying lakes, brooks and rivers can also be arranged.