Finding the best fishing spots

I think that it is time to talk about finding spots for you to go fish. Almost every little brook, most lakes and rivers are holding some kind of sport fish just waiting for you to catch. I must point out that all of our game fish share the same instinct, which is to avoid predators.

In saying that, the harder it is to get to a fishing spot; one with the most cover/trees and bushes along the way, the better the fishing. You have to take time and explore your options.

For the beginner or the parent that wants to take their child fishing, the Nova Scotia Inland Fisheries Division has a great program to help find fish. It is called the Spring Recreational Trout Stocking List.

In each county, the Inland Fisheries Division has identified several lakes where they regularly deposit trout for Nova Scotians to go catch. Starting once the weight restrictions are lifted off the roads, the hatchery staff truck live trout to the lakes and deposit them there for you to go and catch.

In their pamphlet, and on their website, they have the following information:

“Nova Scotians love to fish. Angling is our most popular outdoor recreation activity. To help sustain this valuable sport, the Provincial Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture operates three fish hatcheries; Fraser’s Mills Hatchery, Antigonish County, Margaree Fish Hatchery, Inverness County and McGowan Lake Hatchery, Queens County.

“Atlantic salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout and speckled trout are raised and distributed throughout the year. The most popular and visible stocking activity is the Spring Recreational Trout Stocking Program. In this program, our official provincial fish, speckled trout and the very popular rainbow trout are distributed across the province.”

Thousands of Nova Scotians cherish the opportunity to spend time outdoors on or near the water.

In this pamphlet and on the website, there are lists of lakes with map references for each county so you can figure out where to find the lakes. You can also check each day on the website to see what lakes have been stocked that week. These lakes are on accessible roads and can be easily found.

I also want to bring to your attention that there are barrier-free sport fishing sites for people with mobility issues. The same website also lists all the barrier-free sport fishing sites in the province.

If any organization or group is sponsoring a fishing event along the South Shore, please email me the dates, times and locations and I will be happy to let the readers know. Hope you have a wonderful week and good fishing.

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