Using a Nova Scotia registered guide

The guiding business in Nova Scotia has been around for a very long time. It was formalized in 1920 when the Nova Scotia Guides Association was founded. At that time there were a large number of individual guides who wanted to create one voice for the guiding industry. In those days, there were annual guiding/woodsman competitions with many over the years being held at Lake William in Barss Corner and Christopher Lakes at the guide facility in Hibernia.

Guiding in the first half of the 20th century was quite different than it is today. A guiding adventure may have taken several days or weeks. Anyone who has read the book, The Tent Dwellers, understands what a guided trip would have entailed. In those days, for many people, revenue from guiding was a large portion of their yearly income. Nova Scotia was a great destination for hunting and fishing.

Today, guiding services in Nova Scotia have changed. Yes, there are still some opportunities to come for several days; stay at a cabin or lodge and hunt and/or fish, but mostly guiding consists of day trips from four to six hours. The rest of this article will consist of the fishing guide opportunities in the region, but there are also opportunities for hunting deer, bear, water fowl, rabbits and game birds. Check out the Department of Natural Resources website or the Nova Scotia Guides Association website for a registered guide.

So why would you want to use a fishing guides’ services. Many fishing guides have been active in the sport, in my case; I have been fishing for over 50 years. Over that time period, I have taken a registered guide course to become certified, learned techniques with a lot of practice, studied about the sport I love and want to share those experiences with others.

Let us start with seniors. Many of you fished when you were younger and now have either downsized or lost some mobility and are not in a position to go out on your own. Here is where a guide can help. Guides can supply all of the gear, put you in a boat in a comfortable seat and ferry you around a lake based on how you want to fish. In many cases you can drive right to the boat. A quote from a recent client, “I want to thank you for a splendid day. I enjoyed it deeply, doing what I have always felt passionate about.”

Parents who want to get their children into fishing or just want to take them out for a few hours of fun can do so through a guide. Hopping rocks along a brook, fishing from shore or spending some time fishing from a boat — these are all great experiences to share as a family.

Another way to take advantage of a guides’ services is by hiring them to show you some places to fish. A great example would be the LaHave River. There are a lot of great spots to catch trout, bass and chain pickerel. In a couple of hours you can learn how to access these spots and go fishing when you want.

Using a guide is the same as having a friend or relative show you the ropes.

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